Wheel of Synesthesia

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chronogeusia - taste -> [unit of] time esthesiogeusia - taste -> emotion facetogeusia - taste -> personality geusageusia - taste -> taste optogeusia - taste -> sight chromageusia - taste -> color (sight) kinesigeusia - taste -> movement (sight) morphogeusia - taste -> shape (sight) osmogeusia - taste -> smell phonogeusia - taste -> sound tactogeusia - taste -> touch algigeusia - taste -> pain (touch) barogeusia - taste -> weight/pressure (touch) thermogeusia - taste -> temperature (touch) Info
chronologia - word syn [unit of] time esthesiologia - word syn emotion facetologia - word syn personality geusalogia - word syn taste optologia - word syn sight chromalogia - word syn color (sight) color illicited from words (can refer to either written or spoken words) kinesilogia - word syn movement (sight) morphologia - word syn shape (sight) osmologia - word syn smell phonologia - word syn sound musification: the process of turning speech into sound or music tactologia - word syn touch algilogia - word syn pain (touch) barologia - word syn weight/pressure (touch) thermtologia - word syn temperature (touch) Info
esthesiographemia - grapheme syn emotion facetographemia - grapheme syn personality personality illicited from a grapheme a single written unit in a writing system numbers, letters, and lexically meaningful symbols are all graphemes geusagraphemia - grapheme syn taste examples: F ~ # ; \ . 5 optographemia - grapheme syn sight chromagraphemia - grapheme syn color (sight) color illicited from a grapheme chromagraphemia wherein a color is illicited by a number or letter Experiencing color with written vowels is the most common form of chromagraphemia. kinesigraphemia - grapheme syn movement (sight) morphographemia - grapheme syn shape (sight) shape, movement, and/or texture illicited from a grapheme osmographemia - grapheme syn smell phonographemia - grapheme syn sound tactographemia - grapheme syn touch algigraphemia - grapheme syn pain (touch) barographemia - grapheme syn weight/pressure (touch) thermographemia - grapheme syn temperature (touch) Info
chronographia - graph syn [unit of] time esthesiographia - graph syn emotion facetographia - graph syn personality geusagraphia - graph syn taste optographia - graph syn sight chromagraphia - graph syn color (sight) kinesigraphia - graph syn movement (sight) morphographia - graph syn shape (sight) osmographia - graph syn smell phonographia - graph syn sound tactographia - graph syn touch algigraphia - graph syn pain (touch) barographia - graph syn weight/pressure (touch) thermographia - graph syn temperature (touch) Info
chronomorphia - shape syn [unit of] time esthesiomorphia - shape syn emotion facetomorphia - shape syn personality geusamorphia - shape syn taste optomorphia - shape syn sight chromamorphia - shape syn color (sight) kinesimorphia - shape syn movement (sight) morphomorphia - shape syn shape (sight) osmomorphia - shape syn smell phonomorphia - shape syn sound tactomorphia - shape syn touch algimorphia - shape syn pain (touch) baromorphia - shape syn weight/pressure (touch) thermomorphia - shape syn temperature (touch) Info
chronokinesia - movement syn [unit of] time esthesiokinesia - movement syn emotion facetokinesia - movement syn personality geusakinesia - movement syn taste optokinesia - movement syn sight chromakinesia - movement syn color (sight) kinesikinesia - movement syn movement (sight) morphokinesia - movement syn shape (sight) osmokinesia - movement syn smell phonokinesia - movement syn sound tactokinesia - movement syn touch algikinesia - movement syn pain (touch) barokinesia - movement syn weight/pressure (touch) thermokinesia - movement syn temperature (touch) Info
chronochromia - color syn [unit of] time esthesiochromia - color syn emotion facetochromia - color syn personality geusachromia - color syn taste optochromia - color syn sight chromachromia - color syn color (sight) kinesichromia - color syn movement (sight) morphochromia - color syn shape (sight) osmochromia - color syn smell phonochromia - color syn sound tactochromia - color syn touch algichromia - color syn pain (touch) barochromia - color syn weight/pressure (touch) thermochromia - color syn temperature (touch) Info
chronopsia - sight syn [unit of] time esthesiopsia - sight syn emotion facetopsia - sight syn personality geusopsia - sight syn taste optopsia - sight syn sight chromopsia - sight syn color (sight) kinesiopsia - sight syn movement (sight) morphopsia - sight syn shape (sight) osmopsia - sight syn smell phonopsia - sight syn sound tactopsia - sight syn touch algiopsia - sight syn pain (touch) baropsia - sight syn weight/pressure (touch) thermopsia - sight syn temperature (touch) Info
chronofacetia - personality syn [unit of] time esthesiofacetia - personality syn emotion facetofacetia - personality syn personality geusafacetia - personality syn taste optofacetia - personality syn sight chromafacetia - personality syn color (sight) kinesifacetia - personality syn movement (sight) morphofacetia - personality syn shape (sight) osmofacetia - personality syn smell phonofacetia - personality syn sound tactofacetia - personality syn touch algifacetia - personality syn pain (touch) barofacetia - personality syn weight/pressure (touch) thermofacetia - personality syn temperature (touch) Info
chronesthesia - emotion syn [unit of] time esthesiesthia - emotion syn emotion facetesthesia - emotion syn personality geusesthesia - emotion syn taste optesthesia - emotion syn sight chromesthesia - emotion syn color (sight) kinesesthesia - emotion syn movement (sight) morphesthesia - emotion syn shape (sight) osmesthesia - emotion syn smell phonesthesia - emotion syn sound tactesthesia - emotion syn touch algesthesia - emotion syn pain (touch) baresthesia - emotion syn weight/pressure (touch) thermesthesia - emotion syn temperature (touch) equilibriothesia - emotion syn balanceInfo
chronochronia - span/unit of time syn span/unit of time minute, hour, day, week, year, decade, century, millenium (Planck time) Rhythm, tempo esthesiochronia - span/unit of time syn emotion facetochronia - span/unit of time syn personality geusachronia - span/unit of time syn taste optochronia - span/unit of time syn sight chromachronia - span/unit of time syn color (sight) color illicited from a unit of time kinesichronia - span/unit of time syn movement (sight) morphochronia - span/unit of time syn shape (sight) osmochronia - span/unit of time syn smell phonochronia - span/unit of time syn sound tactochronia - span/unit of time syn touch algichronia - span/unit of time syn pain (touch) barochronia - span/unit of time syn weight/pressure (touch) thermochronia - span/unit of time syn temperature (touch) Info
chronobaria - weight/pressure syn [unit of] time esthesiobaria - weight/pressure syn emotion facetobaria - weight/pressure syn personality geusabaria - weight/pressure syn taste optobaria - weight/pressure syn sight chromabaria - weight/pressure syn color (sight) kinesibaria - weight/pressure syn movement (sight) morphobaria - weight/pressure syn shape (sight) osmobaria - weight/pressure syn smell phonobaria - weight/pressure syn sound tactobaria - weight/pressure syn touch algibaria - weight/pressure syn pain (touch) barobaria - weight/pressure syn weight/pressure (touch) thermobaria - weight/pressure syn temperature (touch) Info
chronothermia - temperature syn [unit of] time esthesiothermia - temperature syn emotion facetothermia - temperature syn personality geusathermia - temperature syn taste optothermia - temperature syn sight chromathermia - temperature syn color (sight) color illicited from temperature kinesithermia - temperature syn movement (sight) morphothermia - temperature syn shape (sight) osmothermia - temperature syn smell phonothermia - temperature syn sound tactothermia - temperature syn touch algithermia - temperature syn pain (touch) barothermia - temperature syn weight/pressure (touch) thermothermia - temperature syn temperature (touch) Info
chronalgia - pain syn [unit of] time esthesialgia - pain syn emotion facetalgia - pain syn personality geusalgia - pain syn taste optalgia - pain syn sight chromalgia - pain syn color (sight) color illicited from pain kinesialgia - pain syn movement (sight) morphalgia - pain syn shape (sight) osmalgia - pain syn smell phonalgia - pain syn sound tactalgia - pain syn touch algialgia - pain syn pain (touch) baralgia - pain syn weight/pressure (touch) thermalgia - pain syn temperature (touch) Info
chronotactilia - touch-> [unit of] time
esthesiotactilia - touch-> emotion
facetotactilia - touch-> personality
geusatactilia - touch-> taste
optotactilia - touch-> sight
chromatactilia - touch-> color (sight)
kinesitactilia - touch-> movement (sight)
morphotactilia - touch-> shape (sight)
osmotactilia - touch-> smell
phonotactilia - touch-> sound
tactotactilia - touch-> touch
algitactilia - touch-> pain (touch)
barotactilia - touch-> weight/pressure (touch)
thermotactilia - touch-> temperature (touch)
chronophonemia - phoneme syn [unit of] time esthesiophonemia - phoneme syn emotion facetophonemia - phoneme syn personality geusaphonemia - phoneme syn taste optophonemia - phoneme syn sight chrophonemia - phoneme syn color (sight) color illicited from a phoneme Experiencing color with spoken vowels is the most common form of chromaphonemia kinesiphonemia - phoneme syn movement (sight) morphophonemia - phoneme syn shape (sight) osmophonemia - phoneme syn smell phonophonemia - phoneme syn sound tactophonemia - phoneme syn touch algiphonemia - phoneme syn pain (touch) barophonemia - phoneme syn weight/pressure (touch) thermophonemia - phoneme syn temperature (touch) Info
chronophonia - sound syn [unit of] time
esthesiophonia - sound syn emotion
facetophonia - sound syn personality
geusaphonia - sound syn taste
optophonia - sound syn sight
chromaphonia - sound syn color (sight)color illicited from sound
kinesiphonia - sound syn movement (sight) movement illicited from a sound
morphophonia - sound syn shape (sight) shape, and/or texture illicited from a sound
osmophonia - sound syn smell
phonophonia - sound syn sound
tactophonia - sound syn touch touch illicited from sound
algiphonia - sound syn pain (touch)
barophonia - sound syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermophonia - sound syn temperature (touch)
chronosmia - smell syn [unit of] time
esthesiosmia - smell syn emotion
facetosmia - smell syn personality
geusosmia - smell syn taste
optosmia - smell syn sight
chromosmia - smell syn color (sight)
kinesiosmia - smell syn movement (sight)
morphosmia - smell syn shape (sight)
osmosmia - smell syn smell
phonosmia - smell syn sound
tactosmia - smell syn touch
algiosmia - smell syn pain (touch)
barosmia - smell syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermosmia - smell syn temperature (touch)
chronofacetia - person syn [unit of] time
esthesiofacetia - person syn emotion
facetofacetia - person syn personality
geusafacetia - person syn taste
optofacetia - person syn sight
chromafacetia - person syn color
(sight) color illicited from a person/personality
kinesifacetia - person syn movement (sight)
morphofacetia - person syn shape (sight)
osmofacetia - person syn smell
phonofacetia - person syn sound
tactofacetia - person syn touch
algifacetia - person syn pain (touch)
barofacetia - person syn weight/pressure (touch)
thermofacetia - person syn temperature (touch)

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